Experimental: Think out of the Head…Oops! Box, I mean

Just the way I think, when some says – “Think out of the box” 
Just an experimental try, sorry for mess ups. I’m all ears for suggestions and correction :)

Rohith Head-2

The Sunrise Collection – III

Here is the continuation pictures of my previous post. I hope you like them.

ISO 400 | Focal Length 250mm | Aperture f/11 | Shutter Speed 1/50 secSunrise Collection III d

ISO 400 | Focal Length 79mm | Aperture f/11 | HDRSunrise Collection III e

ISO 400 | Focal Length 100mm | Aperture f/11 | Shutter Speed 1/60 secSunrise Collection III e

The Sunrise Collection – II

Photographed these pictures during my recent visit to Tirupathi (one of the most holiest and sacred places for Hindus) witnessed a beautiful sunrise. I’m going to split this collection into another post, which I will posting tomorrow. I hope you guys like it.

ISO 400 | Focal Length 55mm | Aperture f/5.6 | Shutter Speed 1/60 secSunrise Collection II a

ISO 400 | Focal Length 116mm | Aperture f/11.0 | Shutter Speed 1/25 secSunrise Collection II b

ISO 400 | Focal Length 187.0mm | Aperture f/11 | Shutter Speed 1/250 secSunrise Collection II c