Beauty Grows Here: A Glimpse of Indian Farm Fields

“Life on a farm is a school of patience; you can’t hurry the crops or make an ox in two days.” – Alain, Henri

Agriculture is the primary occupation in India. It provides almost 17% to 18% of the GDP in India and 50% of the total workforce. The crop that you see in the below photographs are – Cotton. I currently live in Andhra Pradesh and this state ranks 2nd in current growth rate of Cotton which is around 7.4 million bales. While the first place goes to Gujarat producing around 8.5 million bales.

The Farm Fields are such beautiful places to visit and think about the people living so close to nature all the time. The fresh breath of air and beautiful landscapes are a treat to watch. But villagers in India are extremely poor and illiterate. They live in a single room houses made of mud which often fall to the ground in the rains. In the way they are put to great hardship. In spite of their hard work they are not able to earn enough to provide themselves with even two square meals a day. The governments (both the ruling and opposition parties) have totally forgotten the real essence of India but have lost themselves in the world of corruption and scams.

Farm Field 1

Farm Field 2

Farm Field 3

Shaken, not stirred

The evergreen catchphrase of the legendary character ‘James Bond’ –  “Shaken, not stirred”

I know that phrase is used for a martini drink in the bond movies. But I thought it would be, kind of stylish enough as a post title here :)

Okay, here the ICE is the integral part of this picture, which I actually shot to express a way to beat the heat. Trust me, if an Indian says its hot, its HOT. I currently live in Hyderabad, India and the temperature is around 45°C. Damn, its like someone is draining away all the energy in your body. Its tough, very tough.

This is a classic Chivas 18 drink. Cheers amigos!!!